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We are Northern Events Inc., a team of adventure seekers, travel aficionados, and cultural explorers. Our goal is to spread our passion of travel and adventure throughout the city that we love - Edmonton, AB. 


Discover the adventure that is all around. 

What is "adventure travel"? We define this as the desire to learn about culture, discover off the beaten path experiences, and to seek the adventure that is all around us. Not for your average 5-star beach resort traveler. Canadians as a whole love to travel and our goal is to introduce unique and exciting experiences to the Alberta Capital region. Explore the adventure that lies within our own backyard with the first of it's kind in Edmonton, the 2019 Travel and Adventure Expo. 

Whats different about ETAE? No other travel consumer show in Edmonton focuses on adventure travel experiences. Bringing together a variety of aspects of adventure travel experience: inspiring trip ideas, access to cultural cuisine and music, thrill seeking activities, and family excursions, to truly showcase the complete view of the adventure travel experience. Come discover the adventure that is all around. 

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